Christmas Celebration Postponed

The Windermere Christmas Celebration is being postponed until 2021 and will not take place on 12th and 13th December 2020. The decision was not taken lightly and the organising team is saddened to not be able to go ahead with the event.

The successful event draws crowds of thousands from across the Country to Windermere to enjoy food, drink and family festivities. But given the risks of large gatherings as well as fast moving advice and guidance the event is being postponed. The organisers also had to consider that deposits and cost commitments needed to be made now for the event later this year and if the event had to be subsequently cancelled the event may not be able to recover the losses and return in future years.

Event Director Kate Barton of Windermere TIC thanked all the support the event had received saying – ” over the years we have had such great support from key players like Mountain Goat, Lamplighter Dining Rooms, Windermere Town Council, McClures and Windermere Lake Cruises as well as many many more. To not go ahead is heart breaking but it secures the event for future years.”

Local Councillor Ben Berry said that whilst the postponement was a shame it was the right thing to do – “The people and businesses of Windermere will very much miss the event but I know we’ll get through these unprecedented and tough times and be able to make the 2021 Windermere Christmas Celebration even better. The decision wasn’t easy, but for the safety of our community and to make sure we can continue to put the event on we had to act now.”

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