Windermere Christmas Celebration – Rescheduled for 2022

The Windermere Christmas Celebration is being rescheduled until 2022 and will not take place on 11th and 12th December 2021. The decision was not taken lightly, but the organising team have big plans for 2022 with plenty of local events throughout the year to help boost the local economy post Covid.

The successful event draws crowds of thousands from across the Country to Windermere to enjoy food, drink and family festivities. Event Director Kate Barton of Windermere TIC thanked all the support the event had received saying; “over the years we have had such great support from key players like Mountain Goat, Lamplighter Dining Rooms, Windermere Town Council, McClures and Windermere Lake Cruises as well as many more. We will be back, we are having lots of talks about future events for 2022 and look forward to rolling these out over the next 12 months”.

Local Councillor Ben Berry said that whilst the postponement was a shame it was the right thing to do – “The people and businesses of Windermere will very much miss the event two years in a row but we have secured the event for the future when we can roll out bigger and better. The decision wasn’t easy, but to make sure we can continue to put the event on we had to act now.”

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